Six Week Program

The MAX six week program is designed to help you revamp your fitness game. We want you to have a great relationship with food and exercise and also understand that every body is different. If you are interested in finding extra inspiration and motivation this program will be a great FIT for you.

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Weekly Meal Plans

You will receive six weeks of meal plans. Each day is layed out with three meals and two snacks. The meals are easy and simple and yet yummy and fulfilling. Food is not the enemy and we want you to  still enjoy eating and living life. We also want you to  have lots of energy so that you can perform at the gym. 


Workout Plans

How you workout is key to success in any program. The MAX is a performance driven gym and we take our workouts to the limit. Proper recovery is also at the top of our list. You will receive two challenging and intense workout routines a week. 

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Support & Motivation

Having support and motivation is one of the most important components of our program. It makes such a difference to have other people that are doing the same thing as you are. Sometimes you just need a little extra motivation and push to get through. Not only will you have access to our trainers but you will have the full MAX fit family behind you.